PEO ($100-200) or PEO Alternative ($10-$100)  - The "Un-PEO"

If your business is currently using a "single source" HR Outsourcing Solution such as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Administrative Service Organization (ASO), or relying on your payroll company to provide a comprehensive suite of business services, it's time to take a pause... and consider:

Is your PEO certified? (CPEO)?  Is there a better way?

We believe the answer is: IT DEPENDS!

Some businesses are best suited for a PEO, others are better served

by selecting vendors that compliment your current solutions.  We 

specialize in assessing your needs and recommending the best solution.

And, we are pleased to announce that recently we have designed two alternative

programs ("The "Un-PEO"), one for small businesses with less than 50 employees

and the other for businesses with 50 or more employees.