Cloud Payroll

Processing payroll in the cloud doesn’t mean you’re alone. Our 3-step system is easy to use and our service team is on hand when you need them.  So, dismiss your tax anxiety.  Once your payroll is done, so are your taxes.We guarantee 100% tax compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Why Our Clients Love Cloud Payroll:


1) Automatic Payroll Tax Filing        While staying up-to-date on all tax changes, we will prep and file all employee W-2s.

2) Flexible Service Choices               We’re available on the web, phone or via email – you decide.

3) High Security Standards              You’ll   have peace of mind that your information and data is safe, thanks to our high-level security.

4) Protected Payroll Documents      Download with confidence that your data and information is safe.

5) Quick Clicks                                   Getting around the system is easy with access straight from the dashboard.

6) Multi-Employee Change              Modify an element to your entire workforce all at once.

7) ACA Compliance Options             ACA Compliance Navigator tracks what you need to comply with health care reform.

8) On-The-Go Enabled                    Our online payroll system is tablet-ready. Process payroll wherever you are.