Q: What makes AdminiSMART different?

A: We think the market needs an advisory service that can deliver both bundled, or single source, solutions as well as modular ones.  So, we work hard to identify which approach is best for each client.

Q: How are the solutions "Best in Class"

A: Every service provider we recommend has been doing what they do for a long time.  Many over 30 years or more.  
Q: Where do you operate?

A: We are focused on serving businesses in New Jersey and NY and Philadelhia Metro Markets. However, we do also offer national solutions.

Q: What does "Contingency Savings" mean?
A: An astonishing amount of savings can be discovered through our powerful programs.  This includes the over-payment of various taxes and the lowering of costs of essential services.  The best part is there is no risk.  The research is free as it is done on a contingency basis.  This means we share in the savings when we find them, but you have no up front costs.

Q: What do the initials "PEO" and "ASO" stand for?

A: A "PEO" is a Professional Employer Organization.  An "ASO" is an Administrative Service Organization.
Q: How do I contact you?

A: Submit the Contact Us form.