It is becoming a common occurrence to see employers and fiduciaries incur catastrophic fines as a result of ERISA non-compliance.  Our financial services focus on plan governance to ensure that our clients do not become a victim of ERISA penalties. Whether an organization is for-profit or not-for-profit, our services work to protect the employer while ensuring that plan participants have successful retirement outcomes.


ERISA requires the highest standard under the law, that of "prudent expert", to be utilized when choosing qualified plan vendors.  Very few clients want to pay to have that level of expertise and knowledge on an in-house basis.  Most have neither the time nor the resources to appropriately select the best providers for their needs from the constantly changing marketplace.  Rather than straining their already committed resources in this endeavor, clients turn to us to assist them as their advocate. 


We offer a comprehensive and organized process for vendor selection, plan implementation, fee bench-marking, service evaluation and ongoing compliance monitoring. 


Because our firm has no financial, production or ownership ties to any service provider or other entity whatsoever, our clients receive objective and impartial consulting services based on in-depth, firsthand knowledge of the defined contribution, defined benefit, and investment management industries. This experience has been gained from conducting thousands of plan provider searches, and substantial practical expertise in all aspects of plan design and implementation.  We are compensated on a strictly fee-only basis, thus removing any potential conflicts of interest in the vendor, platform, and fund selection areas.  We are completely revenue neutral across all areas of the retirement plan.

Our financial services are separated into three categories: Fiduciary ERISA Compliance Services, 401(k) Programs, and Separated Employee Services. 

Fiduciary ERISA Compliance Services:

Our goal is to protect YOU as the fiduciary. ERISA now uses the prudent expert rule, a more focused version of the prudent man rule, which means that plan fiduciaries are under more scrutiny than ever. Fiduciaries are also subject to personal fines and repayments under the ERISA law, section 502(I). Below are some basic questions that you should be able to answer being a prudent expert fiduciary.

  • As a fiduciary, are you familiar with your duties?

  • Where is your fiduciary audit file?

  • Do you have an Investment Policy Statement?

  • Do you report delinquent payments on the form 5500?

As part of our ERISA Regulation Review (Plan Governance), we make sure that plan fiduciaries are compliant with all individual required duties per ERISA regulations.

Qualified Retirement Plans